Pet Stain Treatment.

  • Cheaper Than Replacing Your Carpet & Underlay
  • Removes UV Signature
  • Sanitises & Kills Bacteria

Pet Stain Treatment / Odour Removal.

Pet Stain Treatment from Fresh Fibers Oldham is the service you’ve been searching for. Because we all love our Pets, that is why we share our homes, and living spaces with them. Like you, we at Fresh Fibers understand that accidents do happen however. Whether it be urine or excrement, we have the treatments to ensure that the stains, and odours left behind are removed.

Diagnosing The Issue.

The first important step with Pet Stain Treatment, and when cleaning any carpet is the diagnosis. Fresh Fibers test and identify your carpet type, to ensure we can offer you the safest process and the best results.

From high power steam extraction cleaning to delicate dry cleaning. We make sure your carpet is safely cleaned to perfection. Plus without the worry of damage, shrinkage, or discolouration.

Benefits Of Odour Removal.

  • Much cheaper than replacing your carpet and underlay.
  • Bacteria, odour and stains fully removed.
  • Localised removal means a minimum disruption in your home.
  • Removes UV Signature, so pets are less likely to re-offend.
  • People and pet-friendly.
  • Makes your home healthy and fresh.
  • Removes odours at source.


Expert Pet Stain Removal Oldham from Fresh Fibers of Oldham

The difference before and after your Pet Stain visit from Fresh Fibers will be instantly noticeable! You’ll be amazed how the pet stain / odour vanishes!