Fresh Fibers Services.

Our Services here at Fresh Fibers Carpet Cleaning of Oldham, do cover various professional methods of carpet cleaning. But we also service commercial and domestic customers. However our services are not just restricted to cleaning, we also provide restoration of carpets and hard floors.

Therefore, if you are looking to bring back a beloved carpet to its former glory, Fresh Fibers can help. Plus if you have a stunning stone, hard, or wood floor that has lost it’s wow factor, we can put it back for you.

Due to our state of the art equipment, Fresh Fibers are able to provide our unbeatable services to both commercial and domestic clients. For example, since we can provide such a high level of sanitation, our hospital grade services are called upon by Spire and the NHS.

We also provide a special guarantee with our Nano Stain Protector which expels any moisture, sealing and protecting your floors and furnishings. Therefore spillages and potential stains simply sit on the surface, making it really easy to mop up.

Check out the feedback we have received from hundreds of satisfied customers on Facebook, Google, Checkatrade, Yell, and more. Our Services are amongst the best in the industry. We have done our research and worked hard to ensure you will be 100% satisfied with the results from Fresh Fibers.

Click on the images below for further details on each service we provide. You can contact us today for a quote or to discuss your requirements further. If you require more information on our pricing, it’s always worth checking out our FAQs page as we might be able to answer it for you straight away!