Cleaning Products For Commercial & Industrial Uses


Next level chemistry in the UK.

We specialise in commercial and industrial carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning chemicals that you can rely on, That provide consistent results at economical prices.

Designed by cleaners for cleaners to reduce cleaning times and provide usage instructions that are easy to follow.

Our products are job and soil specific to make it easier than ever to get professional results every single time.

All of our products are UK manufactured and offer next generation chemistry and unstoppable cleaning power

Heavy duty carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning products and accessories that do the job first time every time.

We at NJORD have ignited our ancestral Viking heritage and brought a chemical range together worthy of the gods. Dead set chemistry that is job specific to help you get consistent results in commercial facilities where first impressions count.

Nothing is more important than results and you need your chemicals to deliver every time.

First impressions can be the difference between thousands in repeat work and recommendations – get it right first time with NJORD.

Oli Farrey – Owner NJORD

‘As a carpet cleaning business owner, that does a lot of commercial and industrial work I was struggling to find good chemicals that were reasonably priced – That delivered consistent results’.

‘Too many times I jumped on the ‘‘hype’’ of a new product and stockpiled it only to find out that actually it wasn’t as good as people had said, and with too many similar products on the market I could never remember what product I had bought in the past to re-order. Sometimes I would get stuck in an endless cycle of ‘’trying’’. I found jobs could take up to twice as long with the wrong chemicals’.

‘When I found chemicals that worked consistently they were hugely over-priced. We have been testing NJORD on real jobs daily and I couldn’t be happier with what we have come up with for the cost’

If you have any questions please contact: sales@njordchemicals.com.