• Removes Embedded Dirt
  • Removes Odours
  • Sanitises & Kills Bacteria


Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning services from Fresh Fibers of Oldham. Whether your business is customer facing. Or you want to maintain a great working environment for your employees. Then the hygiene of your work place is paramount. From deep restorative cleaning, to regular maintenance cleaning Fresh Fibers has you covered.

A Wide Range Of Commercial Customers.

We already do lots of work for; Hotels, Academies/Schools, Offices, Restaurants, Pubs and Nightclubs. Plus we are always keen to take on new customers, regardless of size.

Industrial Grade Equipment.

No water/power on site? No Problem! Because we use Truck-Mounted petrol powered equipment with fresh water tanks. Furthermore, we are licensed to take away all of the waste.

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning.

  • Removes embedded sand, grit, and silt which wears your carpet.
  • Removes all carpet based odours.
  • Sanitises and kills bacteria.
  • The most effective cleaning method.
  • Makes your workplace healthy and fresh.
  • Carpet stays much cleaner for longer.


The difference before and after your Commercial Carpet Cleaning visit from Fresh Fibers, will be instantly noticeable! So you’ll be amazed at the change in colour, and freshness of the carpets at your work place!

Fresh Fibers Cleaning Spire Hospital

Hospital Grade

Did you know that our steam can clean and sanitise to hospital grade disinfection levels?

Spire Manchester Hospital have just been awarded “Outstanding” by the CQC. Thus making this the best facility in the UK for care standards, and sanitisation. We are really pleased to be responsible for all of their facilities! Fresh Fibers also completes work for NHS facilities!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning from Fresh Fibers Oldham. We use high tech, state of the art, steam cleaning machines that can remove more dirt than ever before.

Because they are to 20 times more powerful than Rental/DIY Machines. Plus many of our competitors. Our high-temperature equipment delivers the quickest drying times, from as little as 1 hour.

The Most Thorough Clean.

Our highly trained staff ensure we bring all of our customers the best service and the best results. We guarantee the most thorough clean you have ever seen. Moreover, that your carpets will stay cleaner for much longer.

We rinse with fresh water at ultra-high temperature. To ensure no nasty detergents or chemicals are left behind in your carpet. Which causes rapid re-soiling, and can cause your carpet to wear prematurely.

Protecting Your Investment.

Maintaining your investment is our priority. Because we know how much a hard wearing suitable replacement can cost. So the last thing you need is unnecessary expenditure on a new carpet. This is why we are insured for over £5,000,000, for your peace of mind.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Restoration.

Fresh Fibers restorative cleaning process will totally transform your carpet. Plus return it to its “as new” state minus any wear. Also chewing gum removal can be offered.

What Are The Health Benefits?

Your commercial carpet will collect a variety of soils over time, and cling to them until removed. So with every step, you kick loose soil into the air. Moreover;
skin, chemicals, pet dander, dust mites, food particles, and micro-organisms are some of the soils that can be dispersed. These all represent a breathing risk.

Maintenance Cleaning / Low Moisture Cleaning.

High power steam cleaning is usually only necessary on our first visit, and on heavy traffic areas. If your business has lower footfall, once all of the dirt has been removed. Then we can regularly maintain your carpet with very low moisture (VLM) encapsulation cleaning. This service is quick, effective, and can be done whilst your in the building if need be.

Fast Drying Times.

Drying times are super fast, and the whole process causes as little disruption as possible. We provide an ideal solution for when your carpets don’t look their best. Plus are in need of freshening up, or if your budget is looking a little thin.

Our British Made Chemicals.

Our formula is new and highly advanced, developed using the very latest synthetically blended molecules. This produces outstanding levels of cleaning even in the worst of conditions.

It uses astonishing new technology, and packs a powerful punch. Plus it also leaves anti-stain and anti-soiling properties. Thus helping to protect your carpets, keeping them cleaner and healthier than ever before. This process will also deodorise the area leaving it fresh, clean, and smelling great.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning from Fresh Fibers of Oldham

Some Of Our Commercial Clients.