• Saves On Costly Replacements
  • Removes Unsightly Marks
  • Revitalises Your Carpet

Carpet Dyeing Repair.

Carpet Dyeing Repair services for Fresh Fibers Oldham, this is one of the most common. Because most people clean with bleach, or other household chemicals. So the chances of spillage are very high.

Bleach Spot Repair.

So if you have spilled bleach on your carpet. Then you will note faded spots contrasting against its real colour. Also these nasty spots can appear as white, orange, or yellow spots. Therefore, will be an unsightly issue, that you want rectified asap!

We Restore & Colour Match.

We can restore these spots for you, and can guarantee an acceptable colour match. Also regardless the colour of your carpet. Furthermore, Fresh Fibers Oldham can also beautifully restore multi coloured, and patterned carpets to their former glory.

Other Problematic Chemicals.

There are other cleaning chemicals misused that remove carpet colour, much like bleach does. Therefore, these spots cannot be ‘cleaned’ out. So carpet dying is the only way to rectify the problem. Thus our Carpet Dyeing Repair services Oldham, are a cost effective alternative to replacing your carpet.

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Domestic and Commercial.

Carpet Dying Repair by Fresh Fibers of Oldham

The difference before and after your visit from Fresh Fibers will be instantly noticeable! You’ll be amazed your damaged carpet is “like new” again!

Carpet and Rug Colour Restoration by Fresh Fibers Oldham

Benefits Of Colour Restoration.

The sun’s UV rays, as well as certain cleaning chemicals, can cause carpets and rugs to fade over time. However, we can restore them to look “as good as new.”

Fresh Fibers Oldham restore your carpets back to their original colour. Through our expert colour restoration services. So if have faded from UV or chemical exposure.

Carpet Dyeing Repair Guaranteed.

Our dyes are guaranteed permanent and colour-fast. Plus your freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. For your piece of mind, our process is environmentally friendly & non-toxic.

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